Endurance Sports Coaching and Pro Bike Fitting for all athletes

Professional Coaching

There are lots of options when it comes to endurance sports coaching, but what separates us is our unique combination of athlete-centric focus and scientifically designed and tested programs. We pride ourselves in providing professional services that are rooted in almost 20 years of endurance sports racing experience and our constant pursuit of knowledge and education. You will not find cookie cutter plans or pre-packaged programs here. What we create for you is designed uniquely based on who you are as an athlete, your schedule, strengths, weaknesses, and goals.  Whether you are a first-time triathlete or a seasoned road racer, contact us to find out about the variety of options we offer.

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Bicycle Fittings and Position Analysis

We offer professional level bike fitting and believe strongly that a proper bike fit is a key to unlocking both comfort and power on the bike.  Our fit philosophy uses a blend of tools and experience ranging from Leomo, Retül, SICI, Geobimized and, Trek to analyze and adjust your position. No good bike fit however, is accomplished without your feedback, so we use an evidence-based approach to both evaluate and listen to what feels good for you every step of the way.

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Consulting and Skill Development

Where the rubber meets the road - literally.  With close to 20 years of racing experience, race directing and team management we can help you optimize what you need in both your training and skill development.  This can anything from race-specific planning, training plan review and course recon to race day nutrition, performance data analysis, and power testing. We also offer 1-1 skill development session and seasonal clinics and camps.

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Belief + Consistency = Results

Personal and Professional Level Endurance Sports Coaching


What are our clients are saying about us?

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Dan Rivers

I have been very pleased with the services offered and the personal attention that I have received from Noel. In the past I have had experience working with other professional trainers. I prefer Noel’s approach to coaching as it has been more tailored to my specific needs and cycling objectives and have also found it to be more challenging. He offers core training, strength training and a considerable amount of feedback with weekly Skype sessions and daily personalized reminders via smartphone


I have been taking BONKWERX Cycling and Endurance Classes with Noel twice a week since November. Noel is very knowledgeable, informative and clearly knows cycling. He explains what our workout will be for the night and what we can expect to accomplish from each workout. When we are completed with each workout he sends us our data output. Any questions I have had he has provided clear explanations. I personally feel that I have become a stronger cyclist in this very short time. I am looking forward to our next FTP (functional threshold power) test which I am confident will reflect improvement. I totally recommend taking his classes as with his assistance and experience, regardless of what your cycling goals maybe he can surely help you reach them.


This is my fourth season riding under the guidance of Noel Bonk having met when I was virtually a beginner. As I gain knowhow, skill, and fitness Noel understands with knowledge and intuition just what is needed to bring me to that next step. He is a highly organized and prepared “numbers” guy who demonstrates that he can look through the data in the middle of a race or intense training ride to guide his students on the fly. With that said, his training programs are well planned, specific, understandable, and effective. With any question about training, racing, or equipment I know I can count on Coach Bonk.


As a father or two young children, my time available to dedicate to training is very limited. Bonkwerx developed a custom training plan that considered my strengths, fitness level, goals, and schedule. I’ve noticed considerable improvements in my performance since my training has started and I’m eager for the racing season to begin